Are you struggling with teen acne?

acne treatment birmingham alThere is nothing more gratifying than to see the emotional changes of an adolescent as their face begins to clear. Teens come to my office on their first visit, sullen, with their eyes on the floor. As their acne improves I see animation in their expressions, I see smiles on their faces and a bright self-confident look in their eyes.

Acne is a common skin condition that afflicts most people, to a varying degree, during the teen years. However, the disease is by no means restricted to this age group; adults in their 20’s to 40’s may have acne. Do not think that because acne is common, treatment is unnecessary. Waiting to “outgrow” acne can be a serious mistake. Medical treatment can improve your appearance and self esteem, and prevent the development of lifelong scars.

The words of Marion Sulzberger, one of the great dermatologists of the past, expresses my feelings about acne. I feel that it is one of the most important disease that I treat and particularly now because I know that I can clear up a patient’s face 99.9% of the time. Contact Ginsburg Dermatology and schedule an appointment to discuss acne treatment.