Meet Dr. Ginsburg

Dr Ginsburg Birmingham AL

Dr. Barry Ginsburg

I was born in Long Beach, Long Island, New York In 1949. My dad manufactured ladies lingerie. His company Ginsburg manufacturing Company was founded by his father, Benjamin when my dad was a teen. My father, Jesse, later joined his father and broadened the business and hired seamstresses to make their own lingerie in Manhattan. They were able to rent space in a building in Manhattan, in an area that is now SOHO. This enabled my father to go to college at the City College of New York. When he graduated he and his brothers and dad were able to expand their business to the point that if became a major manufacturer and supplier of lingerie.

They eventually were able to buy their own building in New York. They purchased thread from Dupont, wove the thread into fabric in Tuscumbia Alabama and shipped the fabric to East Stroudsberry, Pennsylvania. There the fabric was dyed and then sent to New York where it was made into gowns and robes. At the height of their success they manufactured lingerie, old their products to stores like JC Penny, Woolworth, and K Mart. They also owned 18 retail outlets in NYC. Ginger from Gilligans Island and Jane Mansfield modeled their lingerie. Unfortunately hard times befell them, and in 1982 they were forced to close their operations.


It was the Tuscumbia connection that brought me to the University of Alabama, where I attended medical school and graduated in 1974. I always wanted to care for children and I did my internship at Children’s’ Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. I soon discovered that taking care of sick children was too much to bear. I love taking care of kids, but seeing children suffer from conditions like Leukemia and Cystic Fibrosis was too traumatic for me personally. I was fortunate that I was able to enter a residency in dermatology at UAB after I completed my pediatric internship, but I still had my love for pediatrics.

One of my goals was to keep a close tie with the residency program at UAB and open a pediatric dermatology clinic at Children’s Hospital. I did this in 1980 and for over 20 years, supervised medical students, pediatric and dermatology residents. I was the head of pediatric dermatology at Children’s’ Hospital at that time.


I opened my practice in Birmingham at 924 Montclair Road in 1979. My office was in the Cobb building, 2 buildings closer to what was then Montclair hospital. I can remember when I first opened my practice; my mom and dad would sit in the waiting room so it would look busy. It did not take long until I was able to fill the waiting room on my own. This was the location of  Skin Dynamic’s which I opened in 1982.

Skin Dynamics was one of the first medical spa and acne treatment centers in the country. I opened it because I understood the need for a specialized center for acne. I considered acne to be the most important condition that I treated.

My practice grew and I moved to my present location, 972 Montclair Road in 1992. At one point I employed 3 other physicians and had offices in Bessemer and Brookwood Hospital.  I opened the Aesthetic Surgical Center in 1996.

JeanneThe beautiful oil paintings in the exam rooms are works of my mom who passed away last year. Her father’s brother, Joseph Margulies was a world-renowned painter and painted portraits of presidents and other dignitaries. He can be found in Who’s Who in American Art. Her dad, Jacob, founded Zipper Service. His office was across from the Empire State Building. His business was the first to repair zippers. He also installed zippers in shoes and boots for the skaters in the Ice Capades. Prior to the invention of zippers, all we had was the hook and eye.

My other great uncle was a head engineer for Otis and was one to the inventors of the escalator. Prior to his invention there was a moving platform that took you up and down. He had to change his name to Sam Margles because he would not have been hired if they knew he was Jewish. I believe my mom passed her artistic eye on to me, but I express the talent through a different medium.

Cosmetic Surgery

In the mid 1980’s, I began my practice of cosmetic surgery with injectable Collagen. I was also one of the first doctors to perform spider vein treatments.

My practice of aesthetic surgery grew. In 1996 I began to perform liposuction under local anesthesia. At that time, there was only one other doctor in Alabama performing this procedure. My Birmingham liposuction practice grew and I have since performed several thousand procedures.

My most recent technological upgrade is the triplex laser liposuction. By using this laser I am able to deliver more heat under the skin, giving better skin retraction and improving my ability to body sculpt, utilizing my artistic eye to achieve optimum results.

I now perform a wide variety of cosmetic procedures at Ginsburg Dermatology including chemical peels, fractional laser resurfacing, injectable fillers such as Restylane and the use to botulism toxin in the form of Dysport and Botox. I also do fat injections for butt and breast augmentation. In the medical spa we also have laser hair removal, vascular lasers and a variety of lasers for skin tightening and peeling.