Molluscum Treatment

Molluscum (muh-luhs-kum) contagiosum (kən-tā-jē-ō-səm) is a common skin disease. This virus easily spreads from person to person and people can get it by sharing towels and clothing. Wrestlers and gymnasts may get it from touching infected mats. Skin-to-skin contact also spreads the virus. Often the only sign of molluscum is pink or flesh-colored bumps on the skin.

These bumps can appear anywhere on the skin. and most people get about 10 to 20 bumps on their skin. Also, if a person has a weakened immune system, many bumps often appear. Whenever you can see the bumps on the skin, the virus is contagious.

Doctors can remove lesions with freezing, opening up the lesion and scraping the inside, or laser treatment. However, do not scrape the lesion as it may lead to scarring. Schedule a visit to our office so we can find a treatment plan for you.

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