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Although having surgery is not high on my ‘happy’ list…if it’s skin related, there’s NO doubt in my mind that Ginsburg Dermatology is the place I’d have it done! Yep, I had surgery there two weeks back. Dr. G removed what I’ll call a ‘thing!’ from my lower spine, which obviously didn’t belong there! I was a touch sore, but now I’m all healed and doing better than ever!  Not only is his staff top notch, but he is too! I can’t begin to thank him enough for making me feel at ease while he was doing his thing. Can’t leave out his assistant, Lynne. Thanks for the pillow and making sure I was doing okay during the procedure. You guys are the BEST

Dr Ginsburg always makes me feel ugly because there are always things to improve on at 50. However, he does offer ideas to improve these areas that need improving. His staff is wonderful and the folks that manage the spa area are out of this world wonderful…they make me feel beautiful, which I have never been. One special lady, just radiates happiness and brightens up my day when I walk in the spa area. For serious matters, I had a mole check with Dr Ginsburg.. I have always been worried about the many colors, shapes, and sizes of my moles. He could tell quickly than none were of concern and helped me not to worry as much. (My father has had 5 cancerous lesions removed from his face in his 70s). He was professional and knowledgeable about moles and told me what to look for. I am so impressed that I plan to take my son to have his checked by this doctor

I had terrible acne that was leaving craters in my skin. After seeing Dr.Gunsburg for over a period of 6-9 months o can now say I am acne free. I hardly ever have a breakout anymore and I owe my confidence level to him. The staff was great too. I was so embarrassed by my skin and they made sure I was never uncomfortable. I received awesome treatments from the spa that prevented future breakouts. Their medical spa is top notch. If you are having skin trouble go see Dr.G

I had a basal cell skin cancer above my lip. He did a biopsy. Then MOHS surgery. I was soooo scared to have the surgery on my face. He did a FANTASTIC job on my face. He had to remove tissue about the size of a quarter. I have no scar at all on my face and am 100% free from cancer. What more can a girl want

I saw Dr. Ginsburg back in September of 2012 because I had a suspicious looking spot on my face. I scheduled with him because most of my friends see him and to my surprise, I got an appointment the same week! After I checked in I was called into a room after about 10 minutes. When he came into the room he asked me my name and about my family and also what I did for work. I thought that was very nice and it put me at ease. After looking at the spot, he decided to do a biopsy. I was afraid the biopsy give me a scar, but today you can’t even tell I had one done. His practice looked busy, but even though they were busy he took his time with me. His staff was friendly and knowledgeable. After my appointment was done I was walked to check out which was located in the spa part (didn’t know he had a spa!). I purchased some sunscreen, but saw a lot of other products that interested me. Ginsburg Dermatology is a wonderful practice and I recommend everybody schedule a visit there.

I had lipo on both my abs and chin and would do it again in a heart beat. He is the kindest most well-mannered physician I’ve been to. His staff is knowledgable and very caring. I read one review on here that said Dr. Ginsburg left her misfigured…I don’t believe that for a second and would love to see the photos. I think it’s a jealous physician putting in bad ratings because this doctor is the best. Not only do I see him for cosmetic procedures, but for medical procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Ginsburg!

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