Skin Resurfacing

skin resurfacing in birmingham alAs we age, the color, texture and tone of our skin changes.

These changes are due more to environment factors than aging. Smoking and sun damage cause wrinkles and give the skin a sallow appearance. To improve the skin surface I perform an array of treatments. The simplest treatment is a light chemical peel and the most advanced is fractional laser resurfacing.

Microdermabrasion skin resurfacing

Skin resurfacing is a general term for improving the appearance of the surface of the skin. In years past, this was accomplished by either chemical peels or dermabrasion.. Now with improvements in technology, we can be much more precise in how we address these issues. For the most superficial sanding, we now use microdermabrasion. This addresses only the most superficial layer of the skin – more of a gentle buffing. For improvement in redness and brown spots we use BBL (broad band light/Intense pulse light), which also can reverse skin aging.

Laser resurfacing

One step further is laser resurfacing. With this amazing technology, we can target precisely how deep we go. A superficial laser peel can go just slightly deeper than a microdermabrasion or we can target the deeper tissue to improve deep wrinkles. The superficial laser peels have no down time. The deep laser peels for wrinkle removal can have up to a week of down time. The new Halo laser combines a superficial and a deep component so we can get more improvement with much less down time. The choice of resurfacing treatment will depend on your goals and your willingness to have more down time.

If you are interested in learning more about skin resurfacing options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ginsburg at Ginsburg Dermatology in Birmingham.