accutane treatment in birmingham

Treating acne with Accutane

Acne is the most frequent visible skin disease in adolescents, and unlike many conditions it is not hidden by clothes in most cases. For this reason acne often causes problems with self-esteem and affects interpersonal relationships.  More severe acne is often associated with depression and suicidal thoughts. My goal in treating acne is not only to clear the skin, but in doing so also to improve the psycho-social impairment that may have resulted.

Although acne is a treatable condition, many people still struggle with it. Part of the reason is that the treatments they tried may have been ineffective.

I believe the most effective treatment for acne, Accutane (isotretinoin), is significantly underused. Accutane is a derivative of Vitamin A and is an incredible drug that has been used since 1980. It was first approved for the most severe cystic acne, but over the years we have found out how effective it is at clearing all degrees of acne, to the point of actually curing some patients once and for all.  Not only has it been proven to be the most effective treatment, but also the safest.

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